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Spot Lambswool Throw
Spot Lambswool Terrier
Wool Lavender Owl
Pastel Lavender Heart
Large Stag Cushion. WAS £55.00
Angelico Lampshade Small
Peony and Roses Cushion
Liberty Lavender Heart
Small Peony and Roses Lampshade
Large Robin
Medium Robin
Small Robin
Small Silhouette Dog Blanket
Lavender Dachshund
Multi-colour Spot Throw
Spot Duck Doorstop
Tree Print Cards
Oak - touch me
Sheep Throw
Pheasant Cushion
Sheep Cushion
Lambswool Robins
Fair Isle Hot Water Bottle
Large Mistletoe Bunch
Linen Florabunda Cushion
Linen Painted Roses Cushion
Vintage Rose Bouquet Cushion
Painted Wooden Lampbase
Cat Blanket
Dartmoor Oak
Oak- touch me, small
Faded Floral Cushion
Chalet Check Throw
Stag Throw
Bright Lavender Heart
Liberty Print Robin Small
Maple Check Throw
Tree and Rabbit Throw
Clouds Cot Blanket
Stripe Cloud Cushion
Red Floral Linen Cushion
Pastel Floral Linen Cushion
White Vintage Roses Cushion
Chelsea Roses Cushion
Little Chelsea Roses Cushion
Yellow Butterfly Cushion
Old Rose Lampshade
December Snow
Woodland Walk
Large Tartan Robin
Lavender Sheep
Pheasant Throw
Seagull Throw
Hare Throw
Bee Cushion
Ladybird Cushion
Large Hare Cushion WAS £55.00
Natural Wool Throw
Grey and Red Throw
Star Throw
Angelico Linen Cushion
Clouds Baby Blanket
Cars Baby Blanket
Large Hare Head
'Made with Love' Baby Blanket
'Made with Love' Cushion
Willow on the Nene
Beech Trees
Twisted Yew
Tree Cushion
Lavender Hedgehog
Multi Spot Lavender Owl
Shetland Wool Terrier
Check Rabbit Doorstop
Lambswool Lavender Leaves
Melbourne Throw
Milan Throw
Chicago Throw
Quilted Velvet Cushion
Lavender Eye Pillow
Lavender Horse
Polar Bear Baby Blanket
Fishes Blanket in Penguin Case
Large Wolf Cushion WAS £55.00
Patchwork Throw
Large Fox Head
Flamingo Decoration
Peacock Decoration
Mistletoe Decoration
Christmas Pudding Decoration
Robin Decoration
Cactus Cushion WAS £35.00
Tropical Leaf Cushion
Swallowtail Butterfly Cushion
Insect Cushion
Bee Lampshade
Ladybird Lampshade
Cactus Lampshade
Chelsea Rose Lampshade
Pastel Lampshade
Neutral Table Lamp
Grey Table Lamp
Neutral Linen Lampshade
Neutral Lampbase
Grey Lampbase
Woodland Throw
Scenic Stag Throw
Dotty Lavender Owl
Spot Rabbit Doorstop
Check Duck Doorstop
Woodland Cushion
Chelsea Rose Cushion
Pastel Floral Cushion
Union Jack Throw
Tartan Stag Head
Pheasant Decoration
Agnes Mouse Decoration
Bumblebee Decoration
Flamingo Baby Blanket
Flamingo Cushion
Lavender Wheat Bag
Snowflake Dog Blanket
Garden Birds Cushion
Goldfinch Cushion
Flower Cushion
Bumble Bee Cushion
Velvet Bee Cushion
Velvet Cactus Cushion
Flower Throw
Bee Throw
Little Hares Throw
Tutti Frutti Throw
Hare Cushion in organic cotton
Pheasant Cushion in organic cotton
Stag Border Throw
Skiers Throw
Nordic Throw
Nordic Cushion
Susie Mouse Decoration
Squirrel Decoration
Mr Snowman
Christmas Sloth Decoration
Landscape Stag Throw
Star Hot Water Bottle
Christmas Donkey
Bird Lavender Bag
Ombre Wool Throw
Meadow Check Throw
Velvet Dragonfly Cushion
Set of Birdie Lavender Bags
Pet Lavender Bags
Sunflower cushion
Vintage Scarf Lampshade
Birdie Cushion
Birdie Lampshade
Lambswool Lavender Bird
Rainbow Decoration
Blue Tit Decoration
Sunflower Lampshade
Forest Friends Lavender Bag
Sleepy Deer Head
Bear Head with grey crown
Bear Head with pink crown
Mini Fox Head
Mini Hare Head
Set of Insect Lavender Bags
Woodland Lavender Heart
Liberty Lavender Fish
Embroidered Fox Baby Blanket
Driving Home Cushion WAS £29.00
Lambswool & Liberty Hot Water Bottle
Lavender Dog
Christmas Friends Lavender Bag
Spot Lambswool & Liberty Hot Water Bottle
Ski Lift Throw
Ski Lift Cushion
Wool Lavender Heart
Stars & Paw Pet Blanket
Christmas Bee Decoration
Lambswool Lavender Robin
Liberty Lavender Robin
Lavender Snowbird
Extra Large Standing Robin Decoration
Red Nosed Reindeer Head
Brown Herringbone Reindeer Head
Teacup Lavender Bag
Velvet Waterbirds Cushion
Velvet Dragonflies Cushion
Woodland Chorus Cushion
Secret Garden Cushion
Velvet Botanical Cushion
Velvet Cacti Cushion
Cute Cat Lavender Bag
Flower Cat Doorstop
Madison Throw
Rainbow Wool Throw
Illusion Wool Throw
Natural Wood Lampbase
Bee Wall Decoration
Butterfly Wall Decoration
Ladybird Wall Decoration
Chintz Lavender Owl
Liberty Robin Decoration
Liberty nosed Reindeer Head
Charlie Mouse Decoration
Angelica Mouse Decoration
Mrs Santa Paws Mouse Decoration
Christmas Mouse Decoration
Merry Monkey Decoration
Christmas Octopus Decoration
Santa Jaws Decoration
Ski Scene Throw
Scandi Throw
Scandi Cushion
Christmas Dog Blanket
Bird and Tree Throw
Houndstooth Wool Throw
Owl Wool Throw
Horse Wool Throw
Mountain Cushion
Velvet Rhododendron Cushion
Velvet Tulips Cushion
Velvet Auriculas Cushion
Velvet Peony Cushion
Seed Packet Lavender Bag
Vintage Tin Planter Cushion
Vintage Seed Packet Cushion
Fern Leaf Throw
Falmouth Check Throw
Harland Check Throw
Checkered Wool Throw
Teacups Cushion
Autumn Friends Lavender Bag
Frankie the Fox Decoration
Hedgehog Decoration
Tartan Check Throw
Liberty Cottage Garden Cushion
Mey Meh Velvet Cushion
Monroe Vintage Cushion
Lavender Terrier
Folk Flower Cat Doorstop
Festive Fox Decoration
Skiing Mouse Decoration
Christmas Bear Decoration
Rudolf the Dachshund Decoration
Christmas Owl Decoration
Santa Dog Decoration
Dove with Mistletoe Decoration
Christmas Dinosaur Decoration
Rose Garden Cushion
Velvet Flora Cushion
Blooming Peonies Cushion
Oriental Garden Cushion
Spot Wool Throw
Cottage Check Throw
Primrose Stripe Throw
Posey Polka Make-up Bag
Posey Polka Glasses Case
Archive Lilac Make-up Bag
Herringbone Wool Throw
Brecon Stripe Throw
Poppy Cat Doorstop
Poppy Leaf Cushion
Poppy Tote Bag
Rosie Tote Bag
Dartmouth Wool Throw
Christchurch Check Throw
Elm Park Make-up Bag
Elm Park Glasses Case
Coco the Fashion Fox Decoration
Flower Lavender Dog
Diamond Lavender Dog
William Morris Lavender Owl
Felix the Skiing Fox Decoration
Sledging Fox Decoration
Bernard the Christmas Dog Decoration
Claus the Christmas Bear Decoration
Rudolf in PJ's Decoration
Dapper Dachshund Decoration
Busy Beehive Decoration
Mini Bee Wreath Decoration
Isaac the Mouse Bee Decoration
Dom the Gardening Dog Decoration
Multi-coloured Stripe Throw
Beautiful Birds Lavender Bags
Cotton Twig Throw
Cotton Star Throw
Cotton Leaf Throw

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